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could be a great option for your stay in Bali! Spend more time and treasure every moment with the people you care about the most. We always ready to make it more memorable.

Danka Villas

DANKA VILLA currently has 2 properties in progress, Danka One Bedroom Private Pool Villa and Dankalih Three Bedrooms Villa with Private Pool.

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Danka means ; friendly, caring, strong-willed, and lucky. From these words, we dedicate our team to always provide friendly and attentive hospitality to all guests, have a strong desire to serve guests, and always be lucky in all their ways and good intentions.

One Bedroom Private Pool Villa


Danka Villa is a modern tropical Balinese concept villa which has designed in simply elegance wooden interior with a semi-outdoor bathroom and greenery spaces

Three Bedroom Private Pool Villa


A brand new 3 bedrooms villa with private pool, designed in a modern minimalist style, fully furnished, and surrounded by a green mini garden. Suitable for families who want to spend a holiday in Bali!